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Welcome to the WPS-Manager®

Instrument for your welding quality assurance


Manage your welding procedures (WPS) online

With the WPS Manager online, you can create and manage welding instructions

  • for arc welding
  • for resistance spot welding
  • for laser welding
  • for friction stir welding
  • for stud welding


Instrument for your welding quality assurance

Administration of welder qualifications and welder examinations, creation of welding instructions, dcumentation of work samples and procedure tests as well as person-related qualifications.

The WPS Manager® helps you to comply with quality requirements according to EN 15085, DIN EN ISO 3834 and EN 1090. It is available as a single-user, network and web-based version. The WPS-Manager® is aimed at companies in the field of welding production. The modular structure of the software system allows flexible on-site use adapted to the needs of the respective company.
It is easy to use, inexpensive and powerful.

  • high economic efficiency
  • low operating costs
  • Simple installation and uncomplicated operation
  • automatic updates

The WPS Manager® is used for the convenient creation, administration and documentation of:


Highlights of the WPS Manager®

  • Automatic determination of the scope
  • Printing of the examination certificate as DVS or CEOC form
  • Management of the semi-annual confirmation with alarm function
  • Biennial renewal or repeat management with alarm function
  • Extensive statistics on the validity of examinations
  • Search for welders for specific welding tasks
  • Search for welder examinations
  • Integrated, expandable databases for base and filler materials and shielding gases
  • Integrated, expandable graphics databases for "Design of the - Welded joint" and to "Welding sequences" and the integration of WeldCAD (incl. when concluding a maintenance contract or in the rental model)
Archive functionality for older standards, e.g.:
  • Welder tests according to DIN EN 287-1
  • Welding instructions according to DIN EN 288-2
  • Welding procedure qualification (WPQR) according to DIN EN 288


Modules in detail

  • Module Welder Examinations - SP

    Documentation and management of welders and welding products
  • Automatic monitoring of dates for renewal and confirmation by the welding supervisor
  • Output of welded products according to EN ISO 9606ff
  • Issue of welded products according to older standards (EN 287)
  • Search for a welder for a specific welding task
  • Creation of lists according to various selection criteria
  • integrated welder archive
  • Export option for certificates in various formats such as RTF and PDF
  • Optional: additional module available for qualification of operators and setters according to EN 14732
  • Welding Procedure Module - WPS

    Creation, management and printing of welding instructions according to ISO 15609
  • Archiving of welding procedure specifications according to older standards (DIN EN 288-3)
  • Display of the scope of a welding procedure specification
  • Transfer of sketches from a sketch catalogue or via WeldCAD
  • Searching for a WPS for a specific welding task
  • Creation of reports according to various selection criteria
  • One-sided and two-sided output of a WPS
  • Management of welding procedure specifications with and without scope
  • Management of stud welding instructions possible
  • Export option to various formats such as RTF and PDF
  • Module Procedural Tests - WPQR

    Documentation and management of welding procedure qualification
  • Archiving WPQR according to older standards (DIN EN 288-3)
  • Overview of critical WPQR
  • Assignment of welding procedure qualifications to welding procedure specifications
  • Search for a procedure test on technological selection criteria
  • Extension of the validity of a WPQR through work samples
  • Module Qualifications – Q

    Documentation and management of personal qualifications
  • Reminder function for instructions and briefings
  • User-defined catalogue of qualifications e.g. for gluing personnel or first aiders
  • Support in the administration of G examinations according to ArbMedVV
  • Work Samples Module – AP

    Documentation and management of work samples
  • Archive work samples according to DIN EN 288-8
  • can be used as a voucher for exam extension
  • Proof of manual dexterity according to EN 15085
  • Searching for a work sample for a specific component
  • Creation of lists according to various selection criteria
  • Integrated archive for work samples
  • Export option of the work sample in different formats such as RTF and PDF
  • Optional: extended work sample module for documenting daily work with work samples (on request)

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